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TEA vs. Coffee: Which is best for you?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

By Jennifer Johnson, Elations Health TEA Feb. 05, 2023 1:32pm


Many Cafes that cater to coffee drinkers also serve Tea on the menu. When you walk through your local grocery store there is a long aisle of coffee brands that just keeps going. Right next to it you will find a small selection of different teas. Tea vs. coffee is not a new debate; but actually a very old one. Any research that you do comparing both; will result in Tea having more health benefits than coffee. While many people prefer one over the other: some enjoy drinking both on different occasions. Both coffee and tea are considered healthy drink options. But which one gets the stamp of approval for being healthiest? Or better yet; which one is best for you?


Quitting coffee can be difficult if you drink it on a regular every day basis. Coffee addiction often comes with unhealthy side effects. Coffee drinking can result in high caffeine intake. In fact the excess of caffeine causes bad jitters, trouble sleeping, and irritability . You experience more caffeine withdrawal symptoms from drinking coffee than with tea as well. Too much consumption can also cause disorders to worsen; such as IBS, acid re-flux and anxiety.

It didn't take me long to realize that more coffee and caffeine was not the answer. As a daily tea drinker; I feel way more incredibly balanced than when I use to drink coffee. I use to experience all of the issues I named above along with an afternoon sugar crash from hell.

There are a lot of good reasons to switch to drinking Tea. For example; you still get some of the boost from caffeine that you are use to, but just to a lesser extinct. Yes, I still need a little caffeine. But with tea drinking a little goes a long way. I made this same transition from being a coffee drinker to a Tea drinker years ago now and I am so grateful that I did.



There are so many reasons to switch to drinking tea. But I want to to focus on the main reasons I think the switch is important. Something incredible that Tea leaves have and coffee beans simply do not is L-Theanine. The plant based amino acid found in tea promotes relaxation, while reducing stress and lowering anxiety levels. That kind of says it all but let me elaborate more.

L- Theanine combined with the natural occurring caffeine in tea provides sustained energy that comes on more smoothly. Its more calm and has anti-anxiety effects on the brain.

It really is more gentle on your nerves and actually prevents the caffeine crash that you experience with coffee. The best part is that it stimulates mental alertness during demanding cognitive tasks, particularly when combined with caffeine. I have more focus and clarity now.

The benefits of drinking tea regularly has a lasting impact on your over all wellness. Tea drinking can also boost your immune system, fight inflammation, aid in weight loss, and even prevent cancer and heart disease.



Making the conscious decision to switch to drinking Tea is completely up to you. You may prefer the taste of coffee over tea and that is understandable. However; it is vital to consider the facts at hand; and take a further look into your own life to see how coffee consumption may be affecting your health and mood. Change is never easy, but it is often necessary in your wellness journey. Remember the results of healthy lifestyle changes can last a lifetime.

Jennifer Johnson is the founder of the loose leaf Tea brand Elations Health TEA, which promotes integrating tea to support healthy lifestyle changes. She’s also a serial entrepreneur by day and tea enthusiast by night, who promotes and studies tea and its many health benefits.

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I was an daily coffee drinker until I became pregnant. After becoming pregnant the smell of coffee was and is repulsive. I believe had it not been for the pregnancy I would’ve never been able to quit drinking coffee cold turkey.

However, I’ve found myself wanting a substitute, and tea was the substitute I was searching for. My cup of tea usually consist of pomegranate hibiscus with two teaspoons of honey, and a dash of milk. It’s the perfect combination that makes my spirit happy, gives me that jolt of energy I’m looking for, while tasting delicious.

This article was a great read, and very informative.

Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Feb 17, 2023
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